Interior. [jʊŋ][bluːd] believes a composed interior is not a question of style or status. Its a question of; one's willingness to take care of oneself by reflecting on who we are as a being and what we need, one's open-mindedness and one's ability to confront their surroundings. In a sense, it is like staying fit and healthy. We don't need to have access to a lot to build a healthy and creative living environment, and for that matter, the spaces we live and work in reflects who we are as beings and should grow over time rather than one stop interiors filled with clichéd decoration.​

The Artist values simple materials; material easily accessible, reused objects, natural and weathered objects. Although her interiors are playfully organized and adorned, it is all about order, and purpose and function are priorities. [jʊŋ][bluːd] balances the desire for purpose with the nostalgic and eco-aware character which allows for decorative elements in the details and material choices.